Boomchat installation guide

First of all thank you to have choose Boomchat. Boomchat contain a build in installer that should be fast and easy.Simply follow these steps and in few minutes you will have a new chat for you and your friends.

Upload Boomchat files

The first thing you have to do is to upload Boomchat files to your server you can upload files to root or subfolder.

Installer welcome box

Once you have uploaded Boomchat files on your server it is very simple to install it. If you have install Boomchat in root of your server simply open your browser then type in the adress of your chat host ex : if you decided to use a subfolder for your Boomchat simply go to ex : if the chat is not already installed it will bring you automaticly to the installer and you should see a window like this if not refer to the manual installation process...If you are ready to start the installation process click the yes i am button

Checking permissions (optional)

On second step if file & permission for the chat to operate correctly are not set proprely you will be prompt to adjust some CHMD on files and folders. Once all files and folders permissions are set proprely please click on Continue button.
please note that this window only apear if you have to adjust permission if all permission are correct you will never see that window and be automaticly sent to step 3 of installation process.

Connecting to your database

Step 3 is the most important step of installation process this step will install all component of Boomchat to your database. You have to fill up all information relative to your database correctly to allow Boomchat installer to create and imports tables and data to your Database.Once all field are correctly filled up click on Install components button.

• Database host = In most case the host of your database will be localhost if not refer to your hosting provider to know host
• Database username = The username used to connect to your database note: username must have full access to database
• Database password = The password you have created to connect to your database
• Database name = the name of database you have created and want Boomchat to be installed in

Finally creating your super admin account

Once all component have been installed successfully to your database your will be promp to create your Super admin account you must fill up all field then click Create account button.

• Username = The username you want to uses as Super admin must be under 16 caracters and contain only A-Z 0-9 caracters
• Email = your email adress note: email provided must be a valid email adress format
• Password = The password you want to use for your account
• Confirm password = Repeat the password you want to use for your account

IMPORTANT NOTE : for more security i strongly suggest once installation is completed to put back CHMD previlege to 644 of database.php located in system/database.php

Congratulation your have successfully installed Boomchat to your server . Now page will reload then bring you to login page where you can log in with your new Super admin account information. Enjoy

NOTE: visit the setting panel to set up chat for your need

Manual installation

If it happen that Boomchat installer do not want to work for you you still can install Boomchat manually by following these easy steps

• Step 1 = Upload Boomchat files to your server files can be uploaded in root or subfolder
• Step 2 = Import Database content to your phpmyadmin Database ( database file included )
• Step 3 = Set CHMD previlege to 755 to avatar folder, upload folder and database.php file located in system folder.IMPORTANT NOTE after installation for security purpose you will need to set back to 644 the CHMD previlege of database.php file to prevent other people of accessing it.
• Step 4 = Edit the database.php located in system folder ... follow instruction in comments
• Step 5 = In browser open your chat then register new account... Note: first account to be registered on manual installation is automaticly set to super Admin
• Step 6 = Enjoy !