BoomChat User Guide

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List of commands available with Boomchat

Note : Higher rank can use commands of lower rank.

User & VIP commands level 1-2

/meSend a special message on the chat. The message will appear in a different colour to the normal post
Syntax : /me text
/msg Send a private message directly to the cat. Private message you send or receive can not be viewed by other users, only you and target can view these messages
Syntax : /msg username text
/seenLets you know the time and date on which a user has been seen on the chat for the last time. Must be followed by a valid username.
Syntax : /seen username
/away Change the status of your account to away
Syntax : /away
/ignore Hide chat and private content from the specified user
Syntax : /ignore username
/ignoreclearReset and remove all users from your ignore list
Syntax : /ignoreclear
/friendAdd a user to your user friends list
Syntax : /friend username
/clearThis command can only be used in private chat by users that will clear the conversation and reset the private log data refer to level 3 to know more about other function for moderator and admin with the /clear command
Syntax : /clear

Moderator commands level 3

/clearuse the /clear command to clear the current room chat history
Syntax : /clear
/kickKick a user out of the chat forcing him/her to relog to be able to chat again
Syntax : /kick username (optional message)
/muteBlock user from writing in both private and main chat but will allow him/her to see main chat.
Syntax : /mute username
/unmuteGives back writing privileges to a user. Moderator can only unmute their own muted user.
Syntax : /unmute username
/topicChange the current room topic.
Syntax : /topic text
/setvipGives VIP status to a user.
Syntax : /setvip username

Administrator commands level 4

/banBan the user from the chat and the user can not reconnect.
Syntax : /ban username
/renameChange the name of the current room. The room name must contain less than 30 characters to be valid.
Syntax : /rename roomname
/globalSend a message to all rooms at the same time.
Syntax : /global text
/setuserDemote a user to the user rank.
Syntax : /setuser username
/setmodGives moderator privileges to specified user.
Syntax : /setmod username
/uponGive back privilege to a specific user of uploading file to server
Syntax : /upon username
/manual Show the chat manual
Syntax : /manual
/upoffRemove privilege to a specific user of uploading file to server
Syntax : /upoff username
/invisibleHide yourself from all the rest of the chat so they wont know you are online
Syntax : /invisible
/visibleRemove the invisibility on yourself and then people will now be able to see you online
Syntax : /visible

SuperAdmin commands level 5

/setadminGives Admin privileges to specified user.
Syntax : /setadmin username
/addthemeOnce your new CSS theme file created and placed in theme folder you can add theme by using this command without file extension
Syntax : /addtheme themename
/delthemeRemove a theme from the theme list
Syntax : /deltheme themename
/gsoundSend a sound notification to all members
Syntax : /gsound
/installThis command is used when installing a addon to chat
Syntax : /install addons_name
/updateThis command will be used in release after Boomchat 4.0 to update the chat.
Syntax : /update
/silent Put the chat in silent mode can be turned on or off by using
Syntax : /silent on/off
/setsuperadminGive superadmin status to a user. This command must be reversed manually in the database
Syntax : /setsuperadmin username

Users ranking

GuestRank level 1 given to all new guest, cannot kick, mute or ban.
UserRank level 1 given to all new members, cannot kick, mute or ban.
VIPRank level 2 given to a member so they have the same privileges as a normal user but have different colours
ModeratorRank level 3, moderator cannot be muted by another moderator, but can be demoted by admin and superadmin
AdminRank level 4. Can do almost everything except changing site settings and cannot set user to admin. This rank cannot be kicked, banned or muted by lower or equal rank.
SuperAdminRank level 5, cannot be banned, kicked or muted and is not affected by any of the chat settings. This rank has the ultimate access to everything and the power to demote any of other rank user.

Private chat

Private message in main chat

With the command /msg followed by a valid username, you can send a private message directly to the main chat window. Private message sent in the main chat window cannot be viewed by other users.

Private chat window

To open a private chat with a user, click on a username in the user list, then on the slide down menu click on private chat

Managing rooms

Add room

In settings panel, to create a new room, click on room icon at the top. Name must be under 30 characters.

Delete a room

In settings panel, to delete a room, click on room icon at the top, and simply click the X icon on side of room name you want to remove

Rename room

You can rename a room using the /rename CommandRoom name must be under 30 characters.

Friends list

Adding a friend

In Boomchat you can now add users to your friends list in 3 different ways 1- Click on a username in the user list, then select option add to friend 2- Type the /friend command in chat followed by username you desire to add to your friends list 3- Click on add friends icon located on top of the private window.

Pending friend request

Once someone send you a friend request you will see it apear in your pending friend section you will have choice to accept or decline the friend request. You can view friend request profile by clicking the avatar on the request box.

Removing friend

In the drop down menu of your friends you will have option to delete friend from your list. When removing a user from your friend list it will automaticly remove yourself from his/her friend list.

Friends status



Where you can find addons

Addons is a brand new feature in Boomchat 4.0. You can add different addons to your current Boomchat site. To learn more about addons please visit us at our live demo.

Adding addons to Boomchat

Adding addons to Boomchat is very easy. All you have to do is put the addon inside the addons folder on your server, then go into your chat room and type /install addons_name .Boomchat will then check if that addons exists and will then install it for you to your current chat. Important note: When adding addons its important to put your chat on maintenance mode to stop any PHP errors.

Removing a addons

Removing an addons from your chat is almost the same process as installing it. All you have to do is simply type /uninstall addons_name in your main chat window. After uninstalling addons we strongly suggest you to remove the specific addon folder from the addons directory of boomchat. Important note: When adding addons its important to put your chat on maintenance mode again to stop any PHP errors.

Silent mode

Activate the silent mode

The silent mode is a new tool for admins to put chat into silent mode. This is very useful if you want to talk to all members in the chat without any interruptions. To activate the silent mode you have to type /silent on in the main chat window. then all members that are not moderator, admin , superadmin will not be able to type during silent mode.

Removing the silent mode

To remove the silent mode from your chat, simply type /silent off in main chat window. that will put the chat back to normal and allow all members to talk.

Avatar system

Boomchat comes with a built in avatar system that allow user to set their own avatars. You can set the maximum size of allowed avatar, by going in your settings panel then selecting the maximum size from the select menu, after you have done this, press the update settings button. When updating a new avatar to your account, the old avatar is automatically replaced by the new one.


Another brand new feature is the whistle function. Why not send a sound notification to all chat members at same time by using the /gsound in the main chat window. Once the command has been sent, it will whistle to all members who are online.

Setting your chat speed

You can now set your chat speed in Boomchat 3.0 by selecting the desired speed in your setting panel. there are 4 different speeds to choose from. slow, moderate, fast, maximum you can choose between these 4 different setting to optimise the chat to your needs. All changes made to the speed will take effect on your next refresh to prevent server load.

Stream radio feature

Boomchat include a build in stream player that allow you to add internet stream music to your chat. This option is available from your admin panel you can activate it or not that is up to you

Music source

In your setting panel in advance options you can set your Music source url this build in stream do not support pls url stream.


You can set the music to autoplay mode or not. When autoplay is activated the music stream will start automaticly when the user enter the chat.

Private notification

Receiving a new private message

When you receive a new private message, the private icon will change colour and if users have their sound enabled in their profile settings, they will receive a sound private message notification. Unread messages will automatically be on top and have a different colour than the other icons.

Email verification

Activate email verification feature

When a new user registers on your site, you can choose to ask him or her to verify their account by clicking a verified email link. All users must activate their account before they can enter into your chat site. Please note: Guests are not be affected by the email verification system.

Duplicate email registration

By turning this feature to NO in your settings panel, this will prevent users from creating multiple accounts with the same email address. Please note: This is function has been set to ON by default.

Upload system

Boomchat include a upload system that allow users to upload picture directly to the chat or private chat by clicking the icon located in the imput. This system can be disabled for users or setted to be available only for staff and admin. The upload system also include a build in cleaning tool that will keep your server clean and will delete files uploaded by users after the time you will have choose in your setting panel.

Facebook login

In your setting panel you can activate or not the facebook login option by activating this option you will allow users to login with their facebook account to boomchat. To activate the facebook login you will first have to create your facebook app. Once your facebook app created you have to put your app id and app secret into boomchat setting panel in the registration tab options. Note that the index path in settings must be setted properly and facebook login will not work if not. If you are not sure how to create a facebook app please refer to youtube you will find plenty of video showing you how to achieve it.

Draggable features

From boomchat 7.0 many feature can now be dragged or resized to allow user to move them in browser window. The private chat window is draggable and the emoticon is also draggable. You will also find a new lock icon in the emoticon panel. By clicking the lock icon it will make the emoticon window stay open and not close when selecting emoticon.

Userlist icons

New from boomchat 7.0 the icon in the userlist are indicating the rank of special user and also the gender of users if they have fill up gender in their profile.


Bridge system

New from boomchat 7.0 the bridge system give to boomchat a brand new way to connect users to other system like wordpress, joomla , dupral or any kind of system. Lets say you have a wordpress site and want to use your current users to log automaticly to boomchat if they are logged to your wordpress site then you will need to install the boomchat wordpress bridge that is available on Code Canyon. Each bridge module are different and you will need to install the module that is required by your system. If the module for your system is not available yet please contact Boomchat support and lets him know. If you are interested to know more about how the bridge module work and want to buid your own module for the bridge you can contact boomchat support. NOte that once a module installed lets take wordpress for example the first administrator from wordpress to connect to the chat using the bridge button will become superadmin. All future administrator from wordpress will become admin. The bridge can be different from system. Please before buying a bridge module be sure the bridge will fit your current sytem.

Only bridge mode

This bridge option will convert your actual login form to a bridge form that will contain only Login with site button and of course login facebook and guest if you have selected to use them.

Add bridge mode

In this mode the bride button Login with site is added to your current login form

User profile

View a profile

For viewing a users profile click on a username in userlist, then from the drop down menu click on the info profile panel, You can also click on the user avatar in the chat that will also open the user profile Added in Boomchat 2.2

Edit your profile

To edit your profile, click on user profile icon, here you will be able to edit your information and select your own avatar. If you don't want to select an avatar you will be attributed the default avatar.

Invisibility mode for staff

Hiding from chat users

New in Boomchat 3.0 the invisibility which allows you to manage your chat without anybody know that you are online. You can set yourself to invisibility mode by using the /invisible command in the chat, you will instantly disappear out of a room where you can continue your admin work.

Removing invisibility

To remove your invisibility and come back as an online users just type /visible to the main chat input.

Room access

Create a room access

New in Boomchat 3.0. The room access allows you to create rooms and block users from accessing them . Example if you create a room in your setting panel with the rank staff only moderator and admins will be able to enter that room. there is 4 different setting that you can put for the room access . VIP , Staff, Admin, Public.

Welcome message

Turning on default welcome message

Boomchat includes a feature that allows you to send a system message to all new registered members, you can turn that option on/off in your admin setting panel. You can edit your own welcome message by editing the text between ' ' in the system/language/language.php file under the $welcome message variable. Please note: be careful to never remove ' ' from the variable that may cause Boomchat to not work properly.

Ads feature

Adding your own ads

Boomchat includes an ads feature that allows you to show up to 5 different banner or text ads on your chat. Boomchat ads support ads size of 728px by 90px only. You can edit premade ads by editing ads files located in ads folder. Please note that if you are using 1 ads only you need to edit ads1.php if you are using 2 ads you have to edit ads1.php and ads2.php for ads feature to work correctly. If you don't know how works affiliate ads please refer to someone that can help you about ads html structure or you can also come on Boomchat live demo where I will more than happy to help you.

Activate ads

You can turn on the ads feature in your admin settings panel at  the bottom where it says: Activate ads feature.

Number of ads

You can determine how many ads you want to display by choosing between 1 and 5 ads in the admin setting panel under the Number of ads used options.

Ads delay

If you use more than 1 ad on your chat, you can set the delay between ads by going into your admin setting panel under and choosing the ads delay.

Ignore feature

Ignore a user

In Boomchat there is 2 ways to ignore a user, you can simply type /ignore username or you can click on a username in the list that will open a dropdown menu, where you will see the ignore option. Please note: that when you ignore a user you will not be able to receive private or chat content for that user.

Ignore restriction

Super Admin, Admin and Moderators cannot be ignored, only users can ignore other users.

Clear ignore list

You can clear your ignore list by typing /ignoreclear in the chat, that will reset your complete ignore list instantly.

Ignore panel

You can view all users you have in your ignore list. You have the option to click the X on side of the ignored username to un-ignore them.

Guest access

Allowing guess access

In Boomchat you can allow guests to access your chat by selecting the option yes in your settings panel, under Allow guest in chat. Please note: that guests are randomly generated and if a user wants to have a personal account they must register and choose a username. Guest accounts are temporarily in the database and will be deleted automatically by the system to prevent Database overload.

Guess talk or not

You can also decide to only allow guest on your chat to view the chat or let them talk, click on Allow guest chat in your setting panel.

Guest delete

The system is configured to delete automatically all guests that have been not active for the given time that you can set in your admin panel under Clear inactive guest after option.

Swap chat orientation

Changing input and chat direction

You can change the orientation of your Boomchat input box in your admin setting panel under the Input box orientation option. If you choose to display the input box on the bottom, then the chat log will display from the bottom also. The input box is set to the top by default. If you are using ads on your chat, they will be displayed to fit your chat orientation box input.

Changing your chat avatar

You can change your chat avatar by changing your Profile avatar, this avatar will automatically be resized and then saved to your profile, this will also show as a mini icon in main chat rooms.


settings your default theme

Boomchat comes with a number of themes that can be changed easily from the admin panel. Select themes and then click on update settings. By default users cannot toggle theme

Allow theme toggle

You can turn on/off theme toggle in the settings panel, if you turn it on users will be able to switch to any theme as they wish. When users switch their current theme it will does not effect other users.

Creating a new theme

to create a theme you can edit existing theme ( suggested to create your own one to not lose work during update ) or can create your own theme by following the theme file structure then add the theme to your chat by typing /addtheme followed by the name of the theme you just created.ex: /addtheme mytheme

Deleting a theme from the theme panel

If you want to remove a theme from the theme panel you simply have to type /deltheme followed by the theme name you want to remove. Example /deltheme themename

Ban by cookie option

Activate the Cookie ban

You can decide if you want to allow the optional cookie ban in your setting panel under Activate ban by cookie. If you activate this feature users will need to clear the cookie set for the ban in his or her browser.

Administrator users management search

Search a user

Admins and superadmins can view a special icon located on top of the userlist to search users. This module will allow you to change name, remove avatar, change password, change email, kick, ban, mute or delete account of a specified user. Please note that you wont be able to edit your own profile or the profile of a equal or higher ranked member from that panel. To edit your profile please refer to the profile panel.

Social medias

New in boomchat 6.0 you can now add up to 9 of the most popular social media link to your profile. Only valid field will apear in your profile for other users to view

Username change

New in boomchat 6.0 you can allow or not your members to change their username from their profile. When a member change his/her name the system will notify all other user in the current room of the change. Also note that the last name used by the user will be reserved and noone will be able to use the reserved name until the user change his name again. This feature can be limited for a specific user rank.

Flood protection

Boomchat have an integrated flood detector. When a user type 5 or more lines within a preset given time the system will automatically mute a user for a specific time that you can set in the settings panel.

Settings options

settings panel

Site main settings

Site titleChange your site title that will appear on the top of the browser page
Index pathThis option must be set correctly to allow file uploads to your server, if you have installed boomchat in the root of your host, simply enter your domain name ex:
If you have installed boomchat in a sub-directory of your host, you must set that option like this ex:
TimezoneSet the current time of message in chat.
Turn on/off site maintenanceCan be turned on/off this option will let only moderator/admin/superadmin enter the chat other will see a maintenance message.
Turn on/off user registrationYou can turn registration on or off for new users on your chat, when off no new user will be allowed to register at your site.
News titleChange the title of the news of your login / registration page.
News messageChange the message of your login / registration page.


Use bridge registration Turn on bridge registration Bridge required
Min age to register Set the mimimum age required to register to your chat ( full form must be activated ).
Use full registration formAllow you to use the normal or extended registration form for your chat.
Display rules/agreementsYou can choose to display agreement / rules in your registration... note that this feature can affect both extended or regular registration form
Ask confirmation mail Allows new users to confirm their account by clicking an activation link in their email Read more
Allow multi account email Allow or do not allow users to create more than one account with the same email address.
Use facebook login This option will turn on/off the facebook login button. note that you must insert valid id and secret that you will create from your facebook account
Facebook app id Here you input your facebook app id
Facebook app secret Here you insert your facebook app secret.
Welcome messageNew in boomchat 5.0 this message can now be changed directly from the admin panel this is the message that new registered user receive after registration.
Turn on/off welcome messageCan be turned on/off this option if turned on will display a welcome message to new registered users. learn more

Chat options

Flood mute time Choose how long users should be muted for after a flood attempt.
Automatic unmute delaySelect a specific time a user will become unmute

Set max message charactersSet the maximum message length that a user can write by post.
Show emoticon bar Choose to show or hide the emoticon bar
Display avatar in chatDisplay or not avatar in chat once turned off users will need to refresh page to see change.
Show topic in chatDisplay or not the topic in your chat rooms.
Allow hyperlink in chatCan be turned on/off to allow or not clickable links in the chat.
Allow text colorsAllow you to disable or not the color option from the text tools bar
Sound on every postBy turning this on there will be a notification sound after everypost in the chat ... remember that users can disable this sound in their profile.
Display user log messagedisplay system message when user log and leave the chat.
Chat history lengthSet the amount of lines that are displayed in the main chat window, by lowering this number of lines will increase server performance and lower bandwidth.

Allow chat historyCan be turned on/off if turned off history feature will be hidden
History log lengthSet the amount of lines that will be display in the history.

Upload options

Max hosting imagesSet the maximum images that a user can upload to your server
Set max image sizeSet the maximum images size allowed for uploads
Set max avatar sizeSet the maximum avatar size allowed
Delete upload files delaySet the delay before the build in system delete uploaded images

Limit options

Allow private chatSet level required by user to access private chat feature
Allow username change toSet level required by user to access username change feature
Allow avatar upload toSet level required by user to access avatar feature
Allow user upload toSet level required by user to access upload feature
Limit friend feature toSet level required by user to access friend feature
Limit ignore feature toSet level required by user to access ignore feature

User options

Set max username lengthSet the max characters that you want for new username registration.
Set user to away afterUsers will be automatically set to away after the given time.
Set user to offline afterUsers will be automatically set to offline after the given time.
Allow guest in chat Turn Guest access on/off. Read more
Allow guest talk in chatYou can choose to allow guest to talk or not in your chat by changing this option Read more
Clear inactive guest afterSet the time when you want Boomchat to autoclean your database from inactive guests Read more
How many used custom fieldsSet the number of custom field you wish to use for user profile
Title of custom field 1-2Set the desired name of your custom fields. ex: city , job etc...

Ads options

Activate ads featureThat option when turned on will activate ads feature. Read more
Numbers of ads usedDetermine the number of ads used if feature is activated. Read more
Delay between ads in secSet the time delay between ads change. Read more

Advance settings

Input box orientationChange orientation of chat from top to bottom. Read more
Display private modeSet the private to corner boxed or even full chat sized mode.
Use full width chatBy turning this on the chat will now be displayed as fullscreen mode.
Select chat languageSet the chat language use custom option to build your own language
Set chat to rtlChange the current chat view to right to left
Auto clean DB data The system will delete all records that are older than the specified date. Lower that value to keep a clean and fast database responding time
Activate ban by cookiePut a cookie in users browser to increase your chat protection against spammers and people breaking your chat rules Read more
Set chat speed toChange your refresh delay, this option can be increased or decreased and will take effect on refresh Read more
Allow users themeAllow user to toggle theme, if turned off user will not be able to toggle theme.
Set chat default themeChoose from the select menu the default theme you want for your chat.
Show music player on chatActivate or not the build in stream music player.
Set player to autoplayAutoplay music or not when user enter the chat room.
Player sourceSet the source of your music stream.

Add your own emoticons

Boomchat comes with 42 emoticons under an extended license from Emoticons hd. You can add your own emoticons simply by putting them in the Emoticons folder. If you create your own emoticons they will need to be in gif or png format to work other than that will not show on chat.

All emoticon included in this script cannot be used in other product and cannot be sold all rights are reserved to Emoticons hd.

Delete a post

SuperAdmin and admin can see a little X on side of every post. Clicking the X will remove permanently the line from the database.

Hidden options

Clickable name

You can click on a username in the main chat window and it will write it for you in the user input box.

Clickable commands

You can click on commands in the Help tab, by clicking these command, they will appear already post in the user input box for you.


When someone writes your username in main chat it will appear yellow highlighted.



Javascript: BoomCoding - jni_viens

Php: BoomCoding - jni_viens

Css: BoomCoding

Html: BoomCoding

Designer: BoomCoding

Specials thanks

Thank to jni_viens who have solve some PHP and JavaScript bug and improved some of the functionality of the script

Thank to our tester that have use the chat and found bug Komb, Foxgirl, jni_viens, Raoul, DiGG, gareauson and all others that have participate to the good working of the script


This script cannot be distributed without BoomCoding approbation, This product may be used only once per license. All content of BoomChat is the property of BoomCoding and cannot be copied or redistributed in any way. Graphic, Emoticon are the property of Emoticons hd and cannot be used in other project or redistributed without their agreement.